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Sunday, November 22, 2015

RSC Saturday! Lime!

Ooooohhh Boy! 

What a busy busy couple of months it has been for me.  Bake Sales for Foothill Dog Rescue, English Toffee orders, Hospital craft fair...not to mention scrumptious Grandbabies and pets...geez!  I haven't gotten to most of my monthly 
quilty obligations...crazy!  

So, the other day I finally got to sit down and count how many of each RSC block I had done.  Turns out for my 
Scrap Jar stars that I needed another Yellow and another Pink.  Then I needed my 2 Lime. Then, to finish it off, I just need to make two of  Decembers color and I will have
 20 blocks for a quilt...Yay!  are my catch up Scrap Jar stars and my
two lime stars for November.....

Linking up with Angela over at the RSC Saturday Link up!!

RSC 15


  1. There will not be a new color for December-- it is quilt assembly month. So feel free to plug in the color of your choice. Aqua maybe? Or burgundy or violet? Your blocks are looking great! Sounds like you are getting all caught up.

  2. Julianne you are so prolific it's truly amazing! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with those cute grandkids.

  3. Love your scrap jar stars! Looking forward to seeing your quilt top.