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Sunday, November 8, 2015

Round Robin Reveal!

I'm late to the party! Life is crazy!

I joined in with Bea over at BeaQuilter for the second 
Round Robin this year.  Thats where you send your center block off to 4 different quilters who add a row each month and you get to add rows to 4 different quilts over four months.  Does that make sense? 

Like this:

Month 1 (May): Make a 12 ½” block (12 finished) – any design you wish
Month 2: June adds 4” blocks all the way around (now 20” x 20”)
Month 3: July adds 5” blocks all the way around (now 30” x 30”)
Month 4: August adds 6” to top and bottom ONLY (now 30” x 42”)
Month 5: September adds 6” blocks all the way around (now 42” x 54”)
Month 6: October adds 3” blocks all the way around (now 48” x 60”)

Anyways, on with the parade!

The first quilt I received had stacked I added 
hearts and the the word "Books" to it...Love books...get it?

I added the 2nd round to this gorgeous moose quilt! 
Its the framing with the green cornerstones...

This next one is Beas quilt...I added the 9 patches all the way around.  Isn't her center block great?

This next one was Carols #1 quilt, she acted as 
two on each quilt....
I added the churn dashes to this round, love this scrappy deliciousness!  So fun!!

Heres Carols #2 quilt...another Scrappy masterpiece!!  I added the final border
 with those little hearts and squares....Beautiful!!

These next four photos are of my quilt!  I cant seem to find the 
picture of my center block all by itself, but you will get the idea....its a 
Christmas themed quilt...sort of a fancy country style....

Just look at those gorgeous Snail blocks and stars!!

Bow ties and fussy cut birds!!!

Paper pieced trees....LOVE THEM!!

and the final quilt...OMG OMG OMG!! Amazing!!

Just look at it!  Isnt it gorgeous??? 

All these ladies did such a fantastic job!  I am truly impressed by the skills of each quilter! 


Linking up with Bea over at
go over and check it out!


  1. I love seeing all the finishes. Round robins are so much fun.

  2. Fantastic quilt. I bet you might join again?!

  3. Wow! Those snail blocks really rock your quilt. GREAT rounds of fun!