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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Grand Illusion Fabric Pull

Oh Bonnie Hunter, I love you and your scrappy goodness!!

I'd like to personally thank Bonnie for everything that she
does for all us quilters all over the world...she
has an amazing blog, writes wonderful quilting books,
shares her travels, and the best thing of all, her patterns and her
yearly mystery quilt!!

This is my third year following along with her mysterys.

Heres my Easy Street from 2012

Here is my Celtic Solstice from 2013
(love this one!)

This years Mystery is called Grand Illusion...
you can find all the info on Bonnies blog@

Bonnie just put
the Introduction post yesterday 
with the fabric
requirements...all I am missing in my stash is the 
2 yards of I will have to make a trip to find some yellow that I like....wish me luck!

Yellow just isnt a favorite of mine..maybe this quilt will 
change my mind eh?  


  1. Very interesting colors. It will be fun to watch this one progress. My eye is thinking that the Yellow should be too bright. Maybe a soft Mustard would work nicely?

  2. Whohoo!!!!! It's that time of year! Your stash pull is lookin' good!

  3. I'm a sucker for her mystery quilts too