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Sunday, October 26, 2014

WIP and Progress

An Account of Quilts I have in process...
its sort of frightening so beware!!

QBSA Lonestars-blocks done, construction in process
QBSA Blackmans Beauty-blocks done
QBSA Stashbusters Blocks-still collecting blocks
Scrappy Trip Bee-Purple/Black-still collecting blocks
Granny Blocks-blocks done
Tobacco Road-almost put together
Split 9 Patch Blocks-blocks done
Wild & Goosey Blocks-in progress still
Kaseys Polka Dots-Done, needs binding!
Scrappy Spider Web-neutral stars-Top Done!
Celtic Solstice-Top done,to the Quilter!
Block Lotto Blue Bars-Top done!
Junettes Mess of a quilt
Damons Recycled Shirt String Quilt-Started

Future Quilts to do:

Grand Illusion
Zanes Chevron Quilt
Cades Quilt
Cades Dads Quilt
Mias Quilt
Laurens T Shirt-Softball
Laurens T shirt- concerts
New Grandbaby Quilt
Michael-Harley T shirts
Lacey-Police Quilt
Lacey-Owls Baby Quilt
Jennifers Quick Curve Ruler Quilt

In the Longarming Pile

Block Lotto Blue Bars
Split Decison Blue/Gray
Arkansas Crossings x2
Postage Stamp
Baby Quits x4
Neutral Spider Web

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