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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Grand Illusion Start!

God Bless Bonnie Hunter!  

Its mystery time, and this year its Grand Illusion.  
The first clue
came out last Friday and I got started!

First order of business was to cut my Aqua and "pinks", mine are more mulberry colored into
2.5" hsts with the Easy Angle Ruler...

Once that was done, I got down to business with my cut pieces and a turkey sandwich and cheetos!
Gotta keep my energy up right?

I had lots of help....This is Suki..shes horrible..pure Tortie!!

This is my girl, Jacey Mae....I love black labs, 
shes the best dog ever! Shes 10!

She needed to rest her head....shes old ya know...

Then the Suki monster got back in on the action...
at this point I realized it was
because of the turkey sandwich!!! Brats!!
Its all about the belly with these critters!!

The next day I went over to my kids house to 
watch the grandbabies..
I brought along my chain pieced triangles hoping 
that Jayden would enjoy helping
me snip them apart....she did a few and decided it wasnt such fun...but she posed for this 
super cute picture...shes such a character!!

And low and behold, here is the motherlode of 125 Broken Dishes blocks...DONE!

Bring on Clue #2 Bonnie!!


  1. Awesome pics of the family! LOVE LOVE LOVE your colors. Yes, your colors are always so rich and bold. Great work!

  2. Love colors for the mystery! Your granddaughter is so cute! Nice you live close by.