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Thursday, December 18, 2014


Every year Jayden and I make a Gingerbread 
house together.  Its so much fun to have this 
annual tradition with her.  This year she was home 
sick from school but that didn't stop her
from hanging out with her Granny and decorating 
our candy house.

She always has such deep concentration when 
applying the candies!!

She did great with placement of all the different colors too.

Here she is super proud of her completed house!!
Shes such a ham!
I love this little girl so much!

Then out of no where came a measuring tape....
she insisted that we measure to make sure the 
house was correct!!

Hmmmm...color placement and measuring???

Quilter in the making???!!!!


  1. Definitely a quilter in the making -- and an adorable one at that. What fun! Is that a little apron she is wearing? You guys need matching aprons!

  2. Jayden looks so happy what a fun activity to share with Grandma. Hope you have a wonderful and Merry Christmas!! Congratulations on your quilt sale too!