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Saturday, December 27, 2014

I'm still here!

Oh Christmas time!!
Oh Christmas time!!

Sorry for being "MIA" the last couple of weeks....
life has been super duper crazy insane busy busy busy!!

I wanted to show you something I got done in time for Christmas!

These are the Grandkids stockings....
Jayden had hers last year
but their Rottweiler puppy "Easton" 
chewed up the cuff and I had to repair it...

This is Super Coopers new stocking....I 
really love the green cuff....
turned out I need to make another one
for my new Granddaughter due in May 2015!!


I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with 
your families, I know I did...I was
especially spoiled!!!

Bring on 2015!!!


  1. I wasn't spoiled, but I did get to entertain my Grands for a supper. It was fun for me, and I hope they had a good time, too.
    Wish I had a dollar for all the times I've seen someone have to repair a quilt chewed by a pet. I'd be rich for sure. Cute stockings! How do you get the lovely gold names on the cuffs?