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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Sharing with Friends

I ran into our friend Chris at the market, hes a fire fighter here 
in El Dorado County.
He is an exceptional guy & a wonderful single father
 to three great kids! (Crazy photo bomber below!)

He blew out the "ahem" crotch of his "turnouts", 
part of his fire fighting gear.
He needed to make a he asked if he could come over and
use one of my sewing machines for a little while...
he brought the kiddos too!
All of them took a turn sewing, it was so cool!

This is Catelynn, the oldest, she is 10.

This is Cole, hes the youngest, he is 8.

And this is Cassie...shes 9....

It was a blast having them over for a quick little sewing retreat!
I love this special family...

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  1. How nice of you to entertain them all. Looks like the kids are enjoying the sew.