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Monday, December 29, 2014

Learning something new!

I have always loved all the little 
pouches that pop up all over blogland..

I was even lucky enough to win a pouch from
 Connie @ Free motion by the river, you 
can find her blog here:

 I loved the pouch that Connie made so much that 
I wanted to make some for my
family and friends for Christmas...needless to say, 
once I started digging into 
my 2.5" and 2" fabric square bins, the number 
of pouches to be made
went up and up and up!!

The patriotic one went to my sister Junette.
The black Daisys and Dogs went to my DIL Kasey..
The orange one went to my coworker Sarah...
and the Purple Peacock one went to my niece Jetta....
I also made a pure purple one for my Co-Nanny Tam Tam!!

They were a hit!  I am going to make 
more also...they are so fun and quick to make!!

Who knew? Me? Zippers?



  1. Wow Julianne! Your bags are adorable!! Cute fabrics and don't they make great gifts!

  2. Those are great. As always, LOVE your colors.

  3. just what i need to make hopefully soon

  4. Hehehe. Looks like you caught another quilting bug. They turned out very cute!