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Monday, March 28, 2016

TShirt Quilt Finish!

A T-shirt quilt finish!  

This was made for one of my sons friends, actually his first long time girlfriends best friend (got that?) whose name is Lauren.  Shes a super special and sweet gal, comes from a fantastic family, loves her friends and community and SOFTBALL!!

To say she is a keeper is an understatement! I love her and 
not just because she calls me "Ma"!!

So I took all her Softball tshirts, one sweatshirt and 
a pair of emblazened softball boxer shorts and
got down to it.....most all of her shirts were from our 
community Softball leaugue here in Placerville, others were 
from various tournaments that she played in for charity.

Lauren was the president of the Placerville Lions club in her 20's!  Shes always been very involved in her community...

To say that Lauren loves her new quilt is an understatement, she loves it! Yay!  A Homerun! Score! 
(pun intended!)

So there it is down and one to go...Lauren has me making her another quilt from all her concert t-shirts too.  I don't know when I will get it started but I know it will be amazing too and she will be thrilled!!

I love you Lo Lo!!

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