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Saturday, March 19, 2016

Ocean Waves

Let me just start by saying that I blame this quilt on 
Cathy over at  
Cathy makes some of the most crazy scrappy 
"use up the tiniest bits of fabric" quilty goodness
that I've ever seen....shes a scrap queen for sure!! 
 I don't think she has made a quilt that I don't love. 
Shes a scrappy quilting sister from another mister!!

So lets get to it...she inspired me when she started making this, her Ocean Waves quilt 
in all those gorgeous reds, using up tiny little "bonus" triangles....I was hooked!!!

(Cathy, I stole this image from your blog!!)

I dug into my crumb bins and started pulling out tiny triangles and into my 2.5" bin for multiple neutral squares....and because I am a maniac,  I didnt stop making them until I had 12 blocks.  The blocks came out at 16 1/2", nice and big, so 12 blocks made a good size quilt!

I decided to sash the blocks with some yummy Kona Berry solid 2" strips.  I just love Kona cottons and this Berry is one of my favorite colors....I prewashed it just to be sure it didnt bleed.  It did bleed a little but better safe than sorry!

The finished quilt top! I love it!  I used up a couple little sandwich size baggies of "bonus triangles", not making much of a dent but hey, they got used and at the price of fabric these days, I wanna use it!!  

So there it is! Ocean Waves DONE! 
 Love it Love it Love it!!!

Thanks Cathy...I wouldn't have ever made this if you
 weren't the Crazy sane crumbly scrappy fantastic quilty sister that you are!! Thanks for the inspiration!!


  1. Wowsers! That's totally awesome. Now you've inspired me! Gosh, that's a deep dark rich beautiful purple you used for the sashing and borders. Doesn't it feel good to know you made a quilt from something a lot of people throw away? Will there be another one?

  2. It's a beautiful quilt. I love it!!

  3. Your Ocean Waves is GORGEOUS!
    Congratulations on this awesome finish.

  4. You're rockin' it with that purple! It makes those neutrals just shine. Love it, girlfriend!!! You've been busy!