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Monday, March 14, 2016

A Happy Finish!

A while back my quilty sister Kathy in Ohio ( turned me on to a 
simple plus sign/cross pattern using 2.5" scraps.  At first I was like..yea,,,whatever I don't think that's something I will do.  Well, of course after sitting there looking at it 
for a while, I had to try out a block....well, that led to making block after block after block and then a plan was hatched and now I have a gorgeous quilt that I love.  I love it so much that I am not sure whether I can put it in the sale pile or the give it away as a gift....I LOVE IT!!

I used multiple neutrals in each block and stuck to mostly bright modern prints for the plus signs, so fun!!

The bold burnt orange was the perfect choice for the inner border...I love Orange!

 Here it is all done..I quilted it with free hand clam shells in a medium yellow thread.  



  1. I don't love orange, but I agree that was the perfect choice for this very happy looking quilt. Those plus signs are sneaky. I couldn't imagine wanting to make a quilt of them, but I find great quilts like yours nudging me ever closer.

  2. This one is a winner I truly love it. Sometimes we just have to step outside our comfort level a little bit.

  3. Very pretty quilt. I haven't made a plus quilt yet but I may have to. I really like them.