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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Quilt Doodles for March and some Critters!

Done!  I am caught up with my Quilt Doodles BOM, these cute little log cabins!  All from scraps! Yippee!

and....just so you know that I ain't kidding when I say that there is a reason that this blog is called 
"Quilting with Calicos" because I DO!

This one above, her name is Puka....aka "Fluffernutter"
...that tail is always in the way!!

                             This beauty is "Koi".....shes a lovebug, always up                                             in my business!!

Now, if those two calicos weren't enough, I have four dogs.  The one on the left is Duke aka "Honeyboy", hes 14 years old, we call him the "old man",  Next to him is Maggie, black lab/Rott mix, shes 6 or so, next to her is Voldemort, hes about 2, we dont know how we came to have this small little guy but he is hilarious and we love him.  Last but not least is my old girl, Jacey Mae, shes 12...another black lab/Rott you can see they are always in the sewing room under my feet too!  I'm never lonely, thats for sure!

Thanks for stopping by today!

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  1. Your houses are cute, the cats are pretty but, oh you know I love me some puppy dogs!