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Friday, April 1, 2016

Oh you bloggers!!

A month or so ago I was cruising blogs, reading all the 
happenings of my favorite bloggers.  One of them is Cathy over 
at "Sane Crazy Crumbly Quilting".  Shes amazing, a true scrapaholic, she loves to use up scraps and all her makings are fabulous!  Anyways, she posted about making this butterfly quilt out of her "waste" or "bonus" triangles...whatever you prefer to call them, I just call them crumbs or bits, which is what Lucy is helping me with in the photo below! Thats what's left of a full basket after three quilts came out of it, believe me, there's more!

 I made up a bunch of these butterfly blocks with 3.5" square scraps from my blue scrap bag and my basket of fabric crumbs/triangles.....I laid them out diagonally alternating my rows with dark/mediums and lights.  Of course I had to turn
on Quilt Cam archives, love me some Bonnie Hunter!

My trusty 301A longbed Beatrice, a true workhorse!!

Here's how far I got, yes I know that there is one lousy butterfly that needs to be turned, thankfully it's on the outside edge and is an easy fix....Argh!!

I've decided that it still isn't big enough so I have made another 18 blocks, that will add an additional row to the top and the bottom.  I sure do love it though and I busted a 
bunch of scraps that most would have just thrown away!  Yay!

Pretty Pretty Pretty.....another one I want to keep!

If you want to go over and check out Cathys version of this quilt, heres the link:

I think I am going to quilt this one on my machine at home, maybe with simple diagonal lines.  



  1. I like the one wayward butterfly - it gives your quilt even more character! This is a lovely scrap quilt idea - mind if I feature it soon on one of my Wednesday "I May Have A Scrap Problem" posts?

  2. It's another fabulous quilt Jules! Love it ")

  3. WOW! Your scrap butterfly quilt turned out great! I'm sure your calico helper was an important part of the finish

  4. I wish you would reconsider fixing the turned block...its just so awesome the way it is!

  5. So charming! I especially love all the different blues.
    It took my a while to even find your different drummer butterfly. Yes! Please leave it!

  6. Your Scrappy Butterfly Quilt turned out well. I absolutely LOVE the fact that it was made with some of your smallest scraps!! I might just have to make one, too... once I finish my current projects.