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Monday, April 4, 2016

Ye ole Crumb pile!!

Oh Crumb pile!

The possibilities!

Oh how I love the scraps!  I mean, just look
 at that pile of rainbow goodness!!  Delicious!!
The possibilities are many ideas just pop into my head and then I start reading blogs and see so many more ideas for using these beauties up!


I love making crumb blocks, just thoughtless piecing together of all those crazy shaped crumbs of fabric yumminess! 
So, I started making slabs of fabric, cut out some 5.5" squares and this is what I did with them.......

I think they are called "Square in a square" or something
like that...easy peasy! Heres the finished quilt top, I'm not
adding a border to this one, its big enough!

I really love these tone on tones, they are from Robert Kauffman...very rich beautiful colors. That green is the same color as my temporary California grass! Ha!

Here's a shot of the back, looks like stained glass...dang it dang it dang it...why is it I want to keep them all?? I mean really, how many quilts does one quilter need? HELP!
What do you do when you want to keep them all?

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Love your crumb blocks. The blue and green border fabrics are very soothing.

  2. You are stitching up a storm girl! I love the stained glass look.