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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

A finish!

Now just so you all know, I was born and raised in Southern California, Long Beach to be exact.  I was raised an LA Dodgers fan, loved Bill Buckner back in the day, but I grew up and realized that the Anaheim Angels are my team, 
Go Halos!! 

 Anyways, I don't begrudge anyone their "team", its all fair in love and war.  So when people request a quilt out of another teams fabrics, I comply with gusto! I aim to please!  So, the following quilt finish is for my niece Jetta, its for her oldest sons best friend Ralph, its his birthday next month and anyways, Ralph is  an awesome kid and its a California baseball team....woot woot! 
I'm good!

Go Dodger Blue!!!

Can you see I stitched "Lets go Dodgers" in the border?
I also put Ralphs cool!

I quilted it with my go to "Loopy Loops" and random stars in Dodger Blue thread...the backing is Dodger Blue flannel.

and  bound it in Dodger Blue too!! So,here it is in all its
 Red, White and Dodger Blue glory! 

Its a beauty! Ralph is gonna love it!


  1. Go Dodgers! I'm a So Cal Gal and the Dodgers are the first team that entered my life as a kid when they moved to LA. I still think baseball is boring though but Vin Scully is the man.

  2. As long as you're a fan of baseball you can root for your team with me. I love the words on this, hope the recipient loves it too.