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Wednesday, April 13, 2016

A little playin!

I got the itch to do a little bit of paper piecing this week.
  I enjoy it from time to time and I sure love making cute little critters and turning them into mini quilts for my sewing room walls, so fun!

First up I made this super cute raccoon, I 
named him Rascal...He was pretty easy 
to make and he turned out well, I just think hes the cutest!!

This Owl was on the list also, I love me some cute! He didnt turn out as well, but I still really like him and he will look great up on the wall, I named him Oren the Owl...

Now to get them quilted and hung up!

If you are interested, both patterns were purchased


  1. Both of these little guys are adorable!

  2. LOVE that raccoon! Those will look cute on your wall. :)